autumn oaks apartments

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Built in the early 70’s, the original 61-unit housing complex was planned with the auto in mind at the expense of livability. The driving aisles were wide and parking was situated directly outside of the front doors of the living units. Trash collection was right in the heart of the complex, and the sole common space was sparse and uninviting.

Emily Réfi designed a solution to eliminate the “motel feel” and reign in the “sea of asphalt”. The site now has safe and accessible pedestrian walkways and efficient vehicular circulation without the loss of parking spaces. Trash was moved to the periphery and replaced with a pocket park, and recycling collection was added. The pool plaza was enlarged, a new play area and garden added, and two courtyards with bike parking were added. Everywhere, green was maximized. Emily led the project through a successful land use review. Many changes to the design were made during construction; however the smart circulation, open spaces and landscape are a vast improvement.
Site Planning/Design, Code + ADA Analysis

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