teton house

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With the luxury of being able to work from just about anywhere, Emily’s clients are starting a new life in the Teton Valley of SE Idaho, a 25 minute drive from Jackson. The 2.6 acre semi-rural site north of Victor, Idaho is perfect for light farming, and is just minutes from summer mountain biking, winter skiing and ice climbing – in fact their one year old baby has already joined his parents on ice climbing excursions.

The 2000 sf home was conceived as a “mini-homestead” for the young family, chickens and future goats and dexter cow. Design ordinances the called for gabled & sloped roofs, and rustic materials like stone, logs, wood siding and metal roofs – all appropriate for the climate and extreme snow loads. Exposed beams and trusses support a SIPs roof, and double-wall construction will provide plenty of insulation. The house is oriented for passive solar and to frame views of the Tetons while providing cross-ventilation for passive summer cooling (no air conditioning). A geothermal heatpump is planned to supply hot water for in-floor radiant heat and domestic uses.

Project “on the shelf” awaiting construction financing | renderings by Andrew Brorson & Emily Réfi

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