The majority of projects I take on in my current practice are residential, including new construction, remodels & additions, ADUs, mixed-use housing and even floating homes. I am most interested in sustainable urban infill and remodels of mid-century modern homes.

residential + housing   projects

New Construction ::
Réfi House
Kessi Beach House (Duplex)
Teton “Mini-Homestead” (On the boards)
3 Cedars House (Net-zero design, unbuilt)

Additions & Remodels ::
Moonier Boathouse (Floating structure, net-zero)
Rummer House (Mid-century modern)
Kiriazis Porch (Mid-century modern)
Cotnam Ranch (Mid-century modern)

Multi-family ::
6th Street Mixed-Use, Gallaudet University (Preliminary / urban design)
Autumn Oaks Apartments (Planning, site design)
Kessi Beach House (Duplex)

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) ::
Nehalem Cottage (on the boards)
Réfi Nest (on the boards)
Jingzi Photography Studio