réfi house

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Emily’s personal residence in North Portland was an opportunity to express aesthetic ideals and experiment with her own domestic environment. Modestly sized at 1600 sf, the interior is open and adaptable, allowing for spaces to be redefined to accommodate future needs. The building’s aesthetic expresses the inherent beauty of natural materials such as concrete, steel and cedar. A starter home, economics were considered along the way with sustainability issues. The house is heated with in-floor hydronic radiant heat and is naturally ventilated. The structural slab is stained and doubles as finished floor. A driveway constructed of pervious pavers, bioswale and greenroof manage 100% of site stormwater. Recycled or rapidly renewable finish materials such as bamboo, wheatboard and reclaimed fir beams add warmth to the interiors. Collaboration with Karl Réfi | featured on Street of Eames tour, Build it Green tour and on HGTV’s Beyond the Box series, published in Portland Monthly Magazine, GIF award. Photos by John Valls

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