Emily Réfi, AIA, LEED AP | Emily brings big firm experience into a small practice where she can provide individual attention to every project regardless of size or budget. She will guide you through the design and construction process, and tailor services specific to individual projects needs.

Emily is a licensed architect with over 11 years experience in residential, commercial and community projects; new construction as well as renovation, adaptive reuse and planning. Emily started an independent practice in 2007 with a specific interest in modern, sustainable urban infill projects. She is LEED accredited and believes that sustainability is inseparable from good design. Emily approaches building and site design holistically to create beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible spaces that people love to live and work in.

Emily’s award-winning work has been featured on HGTV, modern design & sustainability-focused local tours, and has been published extensively. She stays connected to the academic side of design by serving as a visiting adjunct instructor. Emily has an insatiable desire to “make stuff” and dabbles in furniture design, graphic design and film. She gardens, cooks and blogs about her culinary experiments.

Emily is currently a project architect / designer at Waterleaf Architecture.


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